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Monday, September 05, 2005


Mike B

Hannity IS a monumental idiot. I'm sure his voice had a great impact on all the people who had no electricity and probably couldn't afford cable TV anyway.
BUT, why would a man take "personal responsibility" when he's told, for DAYS, that those in charge were going to do what they were suppposed to do?
I say, maybe he didn't love his mother. He just wanted to *use* her to bitch about the gov't...kinda like Cindy Sheehan, who didn't love her son. She just used him to put forth her stinkin' leftie agenda......yeah....right.

Dave Morris

Oh come now.

The guy's mom, like thousands of others, died in New Orleans. It's just not possible that every dead person had family members who couldn't find enough personal responsibility to rescue them. It may really have been impossible to reach her without a helicopter... and had nothing to do with personal responsibility.

It was funny (in a not-funny sort of way) to watch Sean Hannity from his New York studio urging people in New Orleans to keep their perspective. Come on, Sean. This is not politics, it's the worst natural disaster to have ever befallen the US.

Hannity is an idiot.

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