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Thursday, July 21, 2005


Dave Morris

I'm not disagreeing with you, necessarily. It's just that if they don't want questions from a notoriously free press, they shouldn't hold press conferences. And, when the going gets tough, they shouldn't throw them out. They are the ones who allowed or fashioned the genocide, who else should be accountable? It's the old "stay out of the kitchen" thing.

But then again, I'm hot for Andrea Mitchell.


Mike Anderson

I have been asking the questions, and for a lot longer than the past year. The biggest question os all, though, is why the UN has yet to do a damned thing about the killings and displacement in Darfur.

They are still taking meetings and writing strong letters, that's why.

My point was that Andrea Mitchell could have been presumed to be a little smarter than she appeared in this incident, during which she could have blown Ms. Rice's oportunity to have any kind of meaningful discourse with the Sudanese government.

Dave Morris

Sudan apologized, obviously realizing it's mistake.

Isn't Sudan the place where "genocide" was taking place within the past year? Humanitarian crises galore? Killing their own, starvation, disease?

I figure somebody should ask those questions. Mike, you don't seem the PC type, I would have guessed YOU would ask those questions, given the chance.

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