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Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Jim Fadler

Fighting the war conjures up old WWII slogans about loose lips and ships Mike.

Which begs the question of how you can effectively fight said was with your campaign manager outing secret CIA operatives to journalists.

dez to your point about libs and fighting the war...the very first thing I would have changed is to have finished the job in Afghanistan and done more (up to an incursion into Pakistan but not beyond) to have found Bin Laden. To this liberals mind the Iraq was is still tommorrow's war. The Afghan issue is not settled and not secure and today neither are we.

But more to the Karl Rove point...this kind of thing is exactly what parties do when they get secure and lose their resolve I think. Obfuscate the issue and do their best to stonewall what was in my mind a terrible thing to have done.



Mike's comment had little if anything to do with the policies of this President. It was about how a supposedly "impartial" media does every little thing possible to make this President (and others before him with whom it disagreed) look bad.

The substance of the above replies is, "Professionalism and objectivity do not matter if the bias of the media is applied against someone with whom I disagree." This is somewhere between disingenous, irresponsible, and just plain childish.

Would anyone else like to address Mike's point? I'm tired of hearing the same discredited arguments from those who do not like or agree with our current President.

By the way, libs: What would YOU do to defend this country from terrorists and terrorism? Anything?

Christian Maddox

He has led this country into a war with false information. He has continually reversed the forward progress of this nation. He will not be remembered kindly 30 years from now, no matter what you conservatives think. Bush is not my leader. Remember con's: War on Terrorism does NOT equal War in Iraq. This is a fact so many people cannot get straight.

Dave Morris

I agree, Mike... some photographers or photojournalists will go out of their way to find an angle or a scenario to make W and others look goofy. If you're a leader, you're a target. Too bad for that, it's a really childish brand of journalism.

Both parties do it all the time in campaign ads and such. Nobody is above it, as we've learned in Politics 101. (if I had gone to college, I'm sure I would have taken a class called politics 101!)

I disagree that W is above reproach just because we are fighting a global war on terror... but I don't think that's what you're saying. I think you're just saying to cut down the childish rhetoric and "fall in" as much as possible.

And, as a registered Republican, I still think Karl Rove and Tom DeLay stink to high heaven. I call a spade a spade, no matter my color. They appear every bit as slimy as Ted Kennedy. Now THAT'S non-partisan.

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